• Guo Huan Chen

Why our canvas is not so expensive?

In Montreal region, our canvas is more cost-effective. Why? You may think that suppliers (ink, canvas) that we can purchase are less expensive than those of our competitors, but this is not true. We purchase ink and cotton canvas materials from Fujifilm Canada, where nobody can find something cheap.

Frankly, the only reason that supports our low price strategy is that we really love canvas art works. It is so amazing to treat beautiful art works and transfer them from digital world to real world! This is why we always prefer to use our professional large format printer (Epson) to print canvas, although we also have a HP Latex large format printer, whose suppliers are probably less expensive. While customers say that they are satisfied with the products that we delivered, it is the happiest moment for us. Sometimes, in order to satisfy a lady or gentle man who is extremely sensible with colors, we agree to print a small sample of their work, or even repetitively print their digital files two or three times on canvas…. Believe it or not, some customers told us that they were really touched by our service attitude, and compensate us by increasing volume of their orders.



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