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4 mm Coroplast Signs

        We provide high quality printing services on coroplast board (thickness: 4mm).All formats are mesured with inches; for example, format 24x36 means  size of 24 inches by 36 inches. The prices displayed here are costs of coroplast printing on one side. We are able to print the custom sizes according to the needs of customers.

        After confirming your orders, you will receive your prints in our store within  7 business days.You can choose to have your orders delivered to your adress in Montreal. However, we accept rush orders as well, it can be ready in ONE day by adding some neccessary charges because we need to negociate the delay with other customers to have enough time to complete these rush orders.


coroplast signs, 1 side, 2 sides, cheap, Montreal

- Add 1/4" bleed along the top and the sides ;
- Avoid putting text too close to the edges.

8x10                              $15
6x24                              $20
6x36                              $25
12x12                            $25
12x18                            $30
12x24                            $35
12x36                            $40
12x48                            $50
12x54                            $55
16x20                            $40
18x24                            $40
20x20                            $40
24x24                            $45
24x32                            $50
24x36                            $59
24x48                            $70
24x54                            $80
36x36                            $70
36x48                            $80
36x54                            $85
48x48                            $90
48x96                            $180

For quantity price, please get a quote by
e-mail (

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