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We have collected the specifications of ID photos of many countries and administrative regions of the world:  Canada, USA, China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Philippine, France, UK, South Africa....


We have taken ID photos for thousands of people for their new passports, visas, documents of immigration, documents of health insurance,  documents of citizenship application, documents of education, etc..


If your kids, sisters, brothers, parents, friends, customers or you need our photographers to bring cameras and lighting systems to come to your location for ID photos, you need to have an appointment. The costs will be negotiated friendly basing on how far your location is.


Although we have rich data of ID photo requirements, we strongly suggest our customers contact the governments or organizations who treat the application documents to have exact requirements of their ID photos.


It is important not to wear white  or light-colored clothes, sparkly jewelry or shiny lip gloss because the application documents could be possibly refused because of these reasons. And, the requirements of ID photos are quite different from those of fashion photos, you do not need to bring several clothes for changing.


The ID photos are small sized photos, the most important thing is to respect the requirements of governments, so it is not fair to insist the quality is same as that of the fashion photos. The fashion photography requires more investment on making up, styling, lighting, retouching, and printing. As a result, the cost of the fashion photography can not be same as that of ID photography.  


We take ID photos for newborn babies. The baby can lie down, can be held by the parents, or set on chairs if he or she can. We strongly advise our customers to bring their babies after having a  good sleeping. 

We can provide the digital copy of your ID photo, and the cost is $14.99 for each copy.

We  have rich experience on taking photos of  your account of any social websites: facebook, twitter, linked in....


If you are a broker or agent, we can help you to take professional profile photos as well.


фотографии на паспорт монреаль


Passport Photos and other ID Photos

If you need to have a firearm license, you can also have your photos taken here for completing the form "Application for a Possession and Acquisition Licence Under the Firearms Act"



$14.99 / 2 printed photos for a customer elder than 5 years old;

$24.99 / 2 photos for a child (younger than 5 year​s);

extra related services:

$10.00 /2 additional prints of the same pose.

$14.99 per pose  for changing background color to  blue,red,or any colors other than white.

ID photos of all countries, white, black, blue, grey, green, red and more color backgrounds for your needs

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