Custom Framing Services in Montreal

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Bring us your art and our designers will work with you to design the perfect custom frame at affordable prices



Need to frame your favorite photos, diplomas, certificate? Need to build a framed wall pictures? We can help you to realize all of your interesting ideas.


Besides standard frames such as 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, it is also possible to have your jobs framed with custom sized frames. 





Five Steps for preparing Framing Art Works

        Need to add the value of your artworks? Framing is one of the important strategies.  About benefits of framing,  you can find many useful pieces of information while your search with engines of Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and we will not type many letters for convincing you to do it. We are just trying to list some basic technical steps to help you to save time in art framing process.

        1. Evaluate the environment where you will hang up your artwork. Is it the living room, bedroom,kid's room, or kitchen? What is the color of the wall? 

        2. Measure your artworks carefully, make some necessary research for materials of which your artworks are composed. For an example, a poster you purchased several years ago, before having it framed, you need to  read  small rows of texts on the bottom because some papers can not be heated in the framing process.

        3. Think about matte part between the edges of your artworks and inside line of your frame. Sometimes, a reasonable distance of frame to your artwork adds  aesthetic effects to your artwork.

        4. Come to a framing service store to take a look frame styles, matte boards, glasses, back boards, and accessories in order to make a good budget. 

        5. Make the decision and order your framing services.

You can place your order by telephone or e-mail.


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