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Video and Audio Transfer


Do you want to have a digital copy of you early video work? Just give us a call of come to the store, we will provide you the best services with lowest costs.


We can transfer VHS, SVHS, 12 mm video cassette, Hight 8, miniDV, and audio cassettes to DVD.



You can also bring you the digital video camera and mobile phones to have your videos transferred to DVD.


The cost will be basically evaluated according to how long the videos need to be transferred.

If you need to transfer your video or audio files to MP3,MP2, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, or other format, we can help you also.

We can also help you to cut your video or add some title in your videos with a small budget. If you need to edit your video more professionnally be cutting, adding special effects, adding music, adding transactions, etc., we can help you also.


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