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Mobile Recharge & International Calling

Oye Mobile allows you to make cheap prepaid international calls with high quality connections. You can send minutes back home with Oye International Mobile Recharge, or you can recharge your Canadian prepaid wireless plan with Oye Domestic Wireless Top Ups.
Oye Mobile offers you a low cost and convenient way to call your friends and family anywhere in the world.

  • Superb voice quality

  • Accurate billing

  • No balance expiry

  • One-click dialing

  • Easy Recharge

Passport and other ID Photos

We take ID photos for Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Visa, Citizenship Application, and Health Insurance Card. We also have capacity to take ID photos of USA, Mexico, China, French, Russia, Vietnam, Algeria, India, and other countries (almost 200 countries and administrative regions of the world). You just need to wait around 5 minutes to receive your photos, and you do not need any appointment.

If your kids, parents, friends, customers or you need our photographers to bring cameras and lighting systems to come to your location for ID photos, you need to have an appointment. The costs will be negotiated friendly basing on how far your location is.


It is possible that the governments might change the specifications of ID photos. It is hopeful that you can provide the requirements related to your ID.


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We are pride of using newest technology of Fujifilm to print photos to get different visual effects in different media: glossy photo paper, luster photo paper, canvas, metal, etc. Width of your picture is up to 54 inches. Here are our standard print sizes: 3.5x 5, 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, 10x12, 12 x15, 12x18, 12x20, 12x24, 12x36, 12x44, 20x20, 20x24, 24x24, 24x36, 24x44, 24x60, 44x44, 44x60,44x90. 54x120, 54x200,etc.. You can also ask any customized sizes.


You will find the biggest variety of this kind of products in our store: T-shirts, mugs, crystals, puzzles, pillows, balloons, ceramics, tags, etc. Among these products, we especially would like to recommend to you the photo books made by our own hands. We guaranty the quality of all of our products, if you are not satisfied with it, just take back your money, it is so simple.

Photo Studio

In our well equipped photo studio, our photographers will create magic effects thanks to their imagination. They are very sensible to lights, lines, shapes, and colors. In a very comfortable environment, your family, friends and you just need to play. You can choose designed posts and print sizes, and you also can play freely with your inspiration. Besides portrait photography, we also offer industry photo services.


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You probably need to scan your printed pictures and to export them to different electronic formats. We can help you to do this kind of job not only because we have professional equipments, but also we have related trainings (college level).

Web Site Development

You can use hundreds of free website temblates and resouces to create your website. If you need technical assistance, we will help you with lowest costs. If you need a website of  more customuzed style, our technicians can have it realized for you as well by several steps.


We provide framing services for many kinds of art works with many solutions. Besides standard wood and synthetic frames of 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 24x36 etc., it is possible to have your photos, prints, paintings, T-shirts, or other objects framed with customized sizes and materials.


If you want to protect your prints from being creased, sun damaged, wrinkled, stained, smudged, abraded or marked by grease, fingerprints and environmental concerns, It is necessary to have these works laminated. We provide services of lamination with plastic film and board.

Photo Retouching

If you want to optimize your photo pictures, just tell your needs to us, and we will deliver the retouched file in the shortest delay.

Mural Arts

We will help you to realize your ideas or wall docoration by designing, printing, framing, and installing the products on your desired Story here

Photocopy, Fax, Internet, Self Service Printing

We have professional office printing system to help individuls and companies of neighbourhoods to make photocopy, fax, high speed internet, and to print documents by themselves with our equipements. The outputed formats could be 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17. You can choose color printing and black and white printing.

Sim Cards, Payment for Cell Phone

Bell, Vergin, Fido, Public Mobile, Charter...

If you buy Sim cards here, we will help you to choose telephone numbers and plans.

Video Transfer

Holding diploma in Multimedia Techniques, not only can our technicians transfer you video documents, but also they can edit all kinds of audio, video, and photo documents, combine all designed elements, and help you to concept diverse multimedia products.

All Purpose Paper

All purpose paper, all sizes

8.5"x11", 5000 sheets: $50.00

8.5"x14", 5000 sheets: $73.25

11"x17", 2500 sheets:  $52.25


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